NeWS Lab

Here we present a monitoring tool that aims to make development and deployment of a sensor network easier by using the auralization technique to portray its behavior. The human ability to discern different sounds makes it feasible to use these sounds in relation to different events in sensing and network communication. We generate sounds of different dimensions and map them to a range of events. The monitoring tool can be used for debugging, demonstrating, and profiling WSN, making it a suitable and cost-effective tool that researchers and other developers can use.

To evaluate whether the monitoring and debugging tool can capture the wide range of interactions within a sensor network, we present two applications: time synchronization, and sensing and data propagation. The tool has been implemented on already existing protocols for time synchronization and data propagation.

Source code

Time Synchroniztion with Sound can be downloaded from here

Sensing and DataPropagation with Sound code can be downloaded from here.